Why costly drugs when low priced alternatives are available?

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Have you admitted anyone in a private hospital for any ailment? Chances are that you may be prescribed costly medicines and also not allowed to buy the same from outside the hospital apparently with the reason to ensure quality. However the reason may be something which does not meets the eye.

We have often seen that the price of medicines prescribed by doctors/hospitals are very costly even though low priced alternatives are available in the market. In a recent article, it has been highlighted the reasons for such practice.

Private hospitals pockets a good 15-35% of their profits by buying medicines and devices in bulk and selling them at marked MRP to the patients. Captive patients have no choice but to bear the costs.

An argument for the practice of prescribing high cost medicines is that the doctors/hospitals feels safe giving medicine from the originator company, however generic medicines especially from good companies are as good as the originator drugs. The margin in the expensive medicines are higher than the low cost ones, thus hospital tends to cash on the opportunity.

We need to check this and provide alternatives for the patients to decide on the costs, who may opt according to their financial ability. We at hospitilio thrive to make healthcare transparent for the common man. All packages at Hospitilio include the cost of medicine and any other consumables.  This allows you to know the cost upfront and without any surprises.

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