Want to know how long you will live? Your blood has the answer…!

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A blood test could reveal how long and healthy you are going to live into your old age. It could tell if you are at any risk of age-related diseases and how long you might eventually live.

Scientists at Boston University have discovered 26 unique combination of biomarkers or chemicals (chemical fingerprint) in the blood that could help predict the age upto which a person can live healthy or become ill.

While studying on biomarker data collected from 5000 blood samples of individuals, scientists found almost half had an average ‘signature’ or pattern of 19 biomarkers. While a small sample had specific patterns of those biomarkers that deviated from the norm and were linked with increased risk of particular medical conditions, levels of physical function, and mortality risk eight years later.

Lead authors Professors Dr Paola Sebastiani and Dr Thomas Perls said: “These signatures depict differences in how people age, and they show promise in predicting healthy ageing, changes in cognitive and physical function, survival and age-related diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Speaking to Mirror, Professor of medicine Dr Perls said: “We can now detect and measure thousands of biomarkers from a small amount of blood, with the idea of eventually being able to predict who is at risk of a wide range of diseases– long before any clinical signs become apparent.”