The Fishy Miracle

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Recently we have witnessed a miracle medicine administered upon asthma patients at Hyderabad’s exhibition ground in Nampally. Thousands of asthma patients lined up for the medicine called “fish prasadam” which miraculously heals all respiratory problems. The medicine is a herbal paste which is put into the mouth of a live murrel fish around 3 cm long, this fish is then pushed and slipped into the throat of patients.

The Goud family who administers the so called miracle medicine, claims to have been distributing the medicine for the last 160 years. They say that the formula behind the medicine was passed on to their ancestor by a saint.

Although this has been a subject of controversy, thousands of patients goes for the medicine hoping for a miracle to cure their respiratory ailments.

In this age of modern medicines and unprecedented medical breakthroughs, we still have some who believes beyond. This is due to lack of awareness among people about modern medicine and its ability to cure and also owing to lack of proper access to good and affordable healthcare.

An organised and transparent healthcare system with easy to access high-end medical infrastructure at affordable price is the way forward.