Right to good health – how important fundamental right is it?

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When we become an Indian citizen by birth/law, certain rights are conferred upon us such as Right to freedom, equality, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and fundamental rights, constitutional remedies and right to health is becoming a need to combat against diseases.

What is  meant by good health?

Being healthy or having a good health is basically defined as ”a person who is in a perfect equilibrium of physical and mental health and not being infected by any disease.”

The Government, although has not yet included “Right to good health” in our constitution, yet reserves its own importance to all the strata of the society. Poor states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are unable to provide the basic amenities to the lowest strata of the society and therefore the draft suggests to raise the Public expenditure to 2.5% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Produce) for ailing mass, thereby making it essential to take proactive measures and upgrade the health services from the current 1.2%. This Law can only be enforced when three or more states ‘request’ for it. As the health portfolio is included under state subject, it is voluntary to be adopted into the state affairs.   

The Draft is currently under discussion in the parliament and is expected to be sent to cabinet by early September.

If the draft is enforced as one of the fundamental right ; it can help the people, not only those who belong to below poverty line, but also to all classes of the society and enlighten them with the latest amenities offered by the Government and educate others about the latest health schemes of the government.

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