People who eat on the go should read this….!!

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Have no time to sit and eat? Do you have your breakfast or snacks while on the go?….. then you need to know that a new study has found that eating on the go can lead to weight gain.

In today’s life it is usual to find people struggling to manage time and in the process tends to ignore some basic health habits that needs to be maintained. We find busy professionals and even children eating their breakfast or snacks while walking to beat the clock.

The study revealed that people who ate while walking ends up eating more for the day. The problem lies in the fact that our brain can be preoccupied during movement which may mean that we actually forget that we have eaten and would want more food a while after finishing our meal.

As the study puts it, “Eating while walking may make people eat more later in the day”. This may be for the reason that walking is a distraction which interferes with our ability to process the impact eating has on our hunger. Even may be because walking is regarded as a form of exercise which entices overeating later.

Avoid this potential health hazard. Take out some time for yourself, enjoy what you eat and stay healthy.