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Being fragmented and with hardly any transparency in pricing and services, healthcare industry is the one which needs immediate attention. The idea of hospitilio was thus conceived, primarily with the intent of empowering patients to make informed decision about their healthcare needs.

This is not another startup story of having a bad experience leading us to the idea, and we aren’t a team having medical background, but yes we felt the need to improve our healthcare industry in terms of accessibility, pricing & service and put a step forward towards the same. Healthcare is a very sensitive service and has emotions attached to it, people by compulsion and without compromise have to part with huge amount of money paying the medical bills for treatments for self or the near and dear ones. But are the bills correct? Is the price paid for the medical treatment being justified? What if you could have actually got the same treatment with same service at a lower price?

Hospitilio was thus born to enable patients to search, compare and choose the right medical treatment.


Our mission is to help patients find the right healthcare services providers for the treatment they want, by giving them access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. We would empower patients to choose and decide what they want. They will be able to make individual decisions based on their requirements.

We believe in a world where patients are the empowered consumers and where it is easy for healthcare service providers to provide accurate and pertinent information as well as excellent healthcare services. Hospitilio will be a leader in providing excellent customer experience, connecting patients with the right healthcare service provider. Hospitilio would provide the needful informations enabling patients to make the right decision.