Dearth of Doctors Crippling Healthcare in India

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Only 1 Doctor for every 1681 persons in India, this is the recent figure of doctor-population ratio according to Medical Council of India data. A recent article mentions that between April 2013 and March 2016 an estimated 4701 doctors who graduated from India chose to go abroad.

Indian Healthcare industry is today facing a major crises in the form of shortage of doctors across the country. Data shows that there are hundreds of posts of doctors and specialists lying vacant in government-run hospitals which cater to the needy. While India is a hub of communicable and noncommunicable disease we also face a significant shortage of doctors. There are many factors responsible for the situation such as less than 1% spent on health, limited medical seats,  high cost of medical education, less research and medical advancement, lack of infrastructure etc.

To quote a recent article on shortage of surgeons in India, Just about 70 kidney transplant surgeons, 300 who do cornea transplants and a little over 100 liver transplant surgeons carry the flag of transplant surgery in India.The estimated 5,000 kidney transplants, 1,500 liver and 20,000-odd cornea transplants that happen every year in India are less than the requirement, which is partly because of lack of infrastructure. Transplant of other organs such as heart, pancreas, intestine etc is almost notional in the country.

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