Beard is no more weird…!!! Manly looks with health benefits

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One of the most in-thing these days among men is to have a beard, that’s trendy and appealing. Over the ages there has been changes in the trend with clean shaven look gaining more popularity in recent past, however the beard has made a strong comeback now. It is now a fad among teenagers and older men alike to sport a beard. To top it all, there was a national beard & moustaches competition held in Romania recently.

The good news is that, there are many health benefits of having beard.

Beard reduces infections : Regular shaving brings with it a host of bacterial infections, ingrowths and inflammation of hair follicles. Bacteria naturally exists on the skin and shaving can open up the skin for infections to settle.  Keeping beard helps you avoid these unwanted complications.

Helps you keep warm: A beard can help you keep warm during winters, it acts as your natural thermal insulation and can actually help you fight colds as well. Longer beard has better insulation.

Helps prevent skin cancer: Beard helps protect your face from the damaging sun rays. Recent research has proved that more than 90% of the UV rays from the sun are blocked by beard. Dense and thicker beards are more effective.

A natural moisture: Beard keeps away the wind and cold air, thus preventing dryness of the skin. Besides beard holds on to the secretion of the sebaceous glands and keep skin moisturised.

Helps prevent asthma and allergy: Facial hair or moustache helps men with pollen or dust allergy to fend off these particles. The beard acts as a filter and does not allow allergens to settle.

No blemished skin : No shave means no cuts, ingrowths on the skin. Keeping beard helps the skin keep away from those cut marks and scars.

Young skin: With lesser exposure to the sun, beard helps to reduce the signs on aging. A beard might make you look older but actually keeps you looking younger.

Besides the health benefits and the manly looks, keeping beard keeps you away from the hassles of shaving daily and cut down on your time which can be used for more productive activity.