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Moringa and Ayurveda

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  Moringa– the healing powers of the leaves of the ‘drumstick plant’ are one of the best medical treatments that the natural world has got to offer mankind. This tree is native to India but is being grown in major parts of the world for the many health benefits that the tree possesses. Moringa has […]

First Things First: A First Aid Kit

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  Be it a small bump, bruise or an emergency, the first thing to even think about is doing ‘First Aid’ on the victim before rushing him/ her to a hospital for treatment or while waiting for the ambulance.  Bumps, bruises and emergencies can happen to anyone and anywhere. It is always ideal to have […]

Donate Blood; Save a Life

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  Why Donate Blood Blood is vital to our life. It serves as a lifeline in an emergency and for patients who require blood transfusion as part of their on-going medical treatments. Blood’s main component’s like red blood cells, platelets and plasma are used to treat many different illnesses and conditions. Many people would not […]