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Are your Kidneys ailing you?- Here’s the know how about to care your Kidneys!

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  While you sleep or perform any activity, your body silently toils right from the day of your birth – until something troubles them. Sudden sharp pains in the abdominal area,which put you down on your knees in despair, may indicate about Kidney Stones. It basically occurs due to high concentrations of the substances in […]

Caffeine – a legal addictive drug or just a beverage?

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  Usually Caffeine is known to drive the sleep away  when we work for long hours in the office or long hours of study, it has therefore, become an integral part of our daily life. Chemically known as Trimethylpurine dione, Caffeine is found in many edible substances such as chocolate and cakes as well as […]

Right to good health – how important fundamental right is it?

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  When we become an Indian citizen by birth/law, certain rights are conferred upon us such as Right to freedom, equality, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and fundamental rights, constitutional remedies and right to health is becoming a need to combat against diseases. What is  meant by good health? Being healthy […]