Are your Kidneys ailing you?- Here’s the know how about to care your Kidneys!

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While you sleep or perform any activity, your body silently toils right from the day of your birth – until something troubles them. Sudden sharp pains in the abdominal area,which put you down on your knees in despair, may indicate about Kidney Stones. It basically occurs due to high concentrations of the substances in the urine. The most common type of Kidney stones are Calcium Oxalate and Calcium Phosphate. A rich protein diet can also lead to uric acid stones.

Anyone can be prone to this disease especially, obese and overweight people and therefore it is very important to diagnose and prevent it, so that it does not relapse in future. Here’s the three point step to care your kidneys :

  • Identify the type of the crystals : Check if there are any crystals present in the urine. Obtaining a proper Urine test/ Blood test can help in identification to diagnose the disease. Ailment like Cystine stone may be due to hereditary factors and might require a surgery.
  • Lowering the level of supersaturation : There are many factors that can contribute to the supersaturation in the urinary bladder. Continued occurrences of kidney stones indicate that you need to cut down on proteins and follow a proper diet.Elevated creatinine may indicate a potential kidney failure.  Involving the patient in the whole process is an important thing so as to monitor and control it.
  • Annual Follow ups : Discuss about your problem to your doctor. Provide all the necessary documents/ case history to help the doctor to perform the right analysis.


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